Oiled Sele Olive (Didim-Akyeniköy Gemlik Type Olive Tree to Your Table)

  Milas Harvest is an oiled saddle olive, which leaves a delicious taste in your mouth with its large grains, soft texture and unique flavor. This product is our completely natural olive varieties. Prepared from completely natural olives collected from Gemlik type olive trees grown in the last 20 years by our villagers in Akyeniköy, Didim, the olive oil olives of Milas Harvest, combined with the flavor of the olive and the flavor of its natural oil, bring its unique taste. Black olives, , are prepared in their most beautiful form. Oily saddle olives double their flavor with their small pits and thin skin.

There are no chemical additives in our products, which are completely natural fermented products and prepared in a way that has completed the maturation period.

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