A black dot…

one day, a person turns around and looks back... What I have done, what I have missed, what my heart desires... Then he decides; I will not do something that I do not want to, I will pursue success, creating value and meaning, not money. And he starts to think: So, what should I do?

Last year, I came to such a crossroads. A youth full of mischief, many years of management, then the opportunity to see and get to know all over the world in the logistics industry, the countless food fairs I attended... Then the USA... The years have passed... Then the longing for a son, the longing for a mother, homesickness...

The question “What should I do?” popped up in my mind at such a time.

I'm back. I followed my heart and went to my mother's house, to Didim. And there, a little black dot, an olive, was the answer to all my questions.

It was a Memecik (Black Leaf) type olive with its unique aroma, very high polyphenol value, excellent taste and quality.

A miracle of nature that grows on the fertile soil of Herakleia (Milas, Lake Bafa), the settlement of an ancient civilization.

Now, I have an answer to the question of what I should do to make my life meaningful: This little olive has led me, and with the support of my friends, we created an olive oil brand: Milas Harvest.

Milas Harvest is a special olive oil that is meticulously and carefully obtained from the most delicious olives of Bafa.

Our goal is to bring Milas Harvest together with people who care about a healthy diet, pursue deep flavors and seek the meaning of life in the details.

I would like to say hello to everyone who will attend this meeting.

With health, with love...

Esber Kaynak

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