Olive Oil and Heart Diseases

Olive Oil and Heart Diseases

Olive oil, which has been the most natural elixir of health and beauty since ancient times, has started to find the value it deserves with the increase in health awareness today. Although the benefits are unlimited, here are some of them…

Olive Oil and Heart Diseases

Many studies show that olive oil is one of the foods that are beneficial for heart health. The countries with the lowest incidence of heart diseases in the world are the Mediterranean countries where olive oil is consumed intensively. The most important effect of olive oil on heart health is that it reduces the amount of "bad cholesterol" in the blood. Cholesterol, one of the biggest enemies of our heart, accumulates in the veins and causes cardiovascular diseases. Olive oil helps prevent atherosclerosis by controlling the amount of cholesterol in the blood. In addition, the positive effect of olive oil on our cardiovascular health is not limited to this. Olive oil also plays an important role in keeping blood pressure under control. It is noted that olive oil, which is especially recommended for cardiovascular health, regulates the digestive system and has a protective effect against blood pressure, gastritis and ulcers.


Olive oil and high Vitamin Content

It has been known for a long time that the vitamin E contained in olive oil has a protective effect against cancer. It is also good for hair loss. Vitamins A, D, E and K and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, small amounts of iron, copper and manganese have great benefits for bone development. Olive oil, which clears "LDL", which is called bad cholesterol in the blood, also raises HDU, which is called good cholesterol.

It has been determined that it provides a decrease in blood sugar values ​​in diabetic patients.


Olive Oil and Child Health

Nutrition for children is much more important than it is for adults. Because nutrition in childhood affects the whole life. The healthy development of the brain in the first years of life is directly related to nutrition. Fats are very important in child nutrition and play a vital role. Olive oil is an indispensable food in this respect. The basic condition of life is that the cells of the body can constantly renew themselves.

Cell renewal, which is very fast in childhood and youth, decreases and slows down as age progresses. It is very important to get used to eating olive oil while raising a child. Because it protects children from rickets. It has also been observed that it is good for bone pain in growing children.

A few drops of olive oil a day makes a great contribution to the development of the baby. When olive oil, which is similar to breast milk due to the percentage of linoleic acid it contains, is added to cow's milk, a value close to breast milk is obtained. Breastfeeding mothers can add a little olive oil to skimmed cow's milk and give it to the baby. With its vitamin E and oleic acid content, which are also found in breast milk, olive oil contributes to normal bone development. It is especially beneficial for pregnant and lactating mothers, as it supports the development of the baby's brain as well as the nervous system in general, in the womb and after birth.



Olive Oil and Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that causes the blood sugar balance to deteriorate and the blood sugar level to rise and fall suddenly due to the lack of insulin hormone in our body. Some studies carried out in recent years have revealed that olive oil helps in preventing some ailments caused by diabetes in the body. As we mentioned under another heading, the most important of these are cardiovascular diseases. Due to diabetes, the amount of cholesterol in the blood rises. Olive oil, on the other hand, helps to protect cardiovascular health by keeping cholesterol under control.

Another side effect of diabetes is that it causes more oxidant substances to be released during digestion. As we said before, olive oil greatly reduces the negative effects of oxidants thanks to the antioxidants it contains. Olive oil also contributes to the control of blood sugar. In conclusion, olive oil is an extremely suitable oil for diabetics.



Mediterranean Diet

The fact that cardiovascular diseases are rare in the people of the Mediterranean region reveals the importance of the diet of the Mediterranean people and it is called the "Mediterranean Diet" and olive and olive oil are in the group that should be consumed every day in the traditional optimum Mediterranean Diet.

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